We thank you for your willingness to help make a difference in the lives of at-risk children in our community by donating to Heart of the Prairie.  Heart of the Prairie offers Horse Camps, Riding Lessons and Equine Learning to those who may not otherwise be able to afford or have access to these services.

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Sponsor a Child:

  • Equine Learning Session ($50) – provides a one-on-one session with the horses
  • Horse Camp Scholarship ($110) – provides one full-day horse camp scholarship
  • Riding Scholarship  ($500) – provides 12 weeks of weekly riding lessons

Sponsor a Horse:

  • Full sponsorship ($225/mth) – Cover the costs of everything your horse needs e.g. feed, farrier, worming, dental and maintenance
  • Half Sponsorship ($100/mth) – Pitch in with others towards the costs of everything your horse needs
  • Hay Sponsorship ($50/mth) – Cover the costs of hay for your horse
  • Vet Sponsorship ($30/mth) – Cover the costs of basic veterinary maintenance for your horse i.e. dental and vaccinations
  • Farrier Sponsorship ($20/mth) – Cover the costs of general farrier maintenance for your horse
  • Maintenance sponsorship ($10/mth) – Cover the costs of general horse maintenance e.g. grooming and worming