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Equine Learning Programs offered at Harmony Stables

The longevity of a herd depends on BALANCE, not chaos. This BALANCE does not develop though a peaceful process, but instead with challenging, fighting, etc, but in the end, BALANCE prevails. This is where the herd LIVES. What can we learn from herd life to make our lives more peaceful and balanced?

Horses move away from pressure. It’s just common sense. Humans create more chaos by moving towards pressure rather than away from it. How can we better learn to move away from things in our life that create disruption and chaos in our lives?

Horses embody VIRTUES and VALUES that we all strive for – Wisdom, Patience, Cooperation, Strength, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Boundary Setting. What can we learn from the horse to grow in these areas?

Horses live in RELATION to one another. Attached or detached, they exist in connected relationships with one another. Horses that are not in connection or are not self-regulated are reprimanded by the herd, as that one herd member becomes a safety threat to the entire herd. Every one in the herd needs to share in keeping the entire herd safe.

“A relationship has to be good for both, otherwise eventually, it won’t be good for either. Horses, Humans, it doesn’t matter.” – Tim Jobe
Research has proven that a horse has electromagnetic energy emanating from its heart that bi-directionally affects us when we are in close proximity to them, and they can actually help regulate our own heart beats. This energy affects us in very profound ways when we are in this “energy bubble” What energy do YOU bring to your relationships and others?

Under stress, the horse’s brain operates similarly to the humans – horses move into their brain stem/survival mode, and are not able to “think through” the situation until they reach a more calm, relaxed state of mind. They do this way more quickly than humans do, and they also use their intuitive senses to reach this state quicker as well. What can we learn from horses to be better at this?

The Equine Learning programs provided by Harmony Stables are based on and trained in the models of Natural Lifemanship, OK Corral Series, the EAGALA model and also the work of Dr. Bruce Perry, who is an internationally-recognized authority on children in crisis, and founder of ChildTrauma Academy.

Would you like to be a part of this Organic Classroom?

You can download and fill out the Equine Learning Scholarship form to apply for equine learning.